A new report suggests that the UK remains one of the world’s top investment locations

by administrator

Recent weeks and months have seen plenty of negative headlines documenting what sometimes appear to be less-than-inspiring prospects for the UK economy. However, there is also emerging evidence that there might be much more reason for hope for the national economy than many people expect.

This came to our minds when we saw a recent City A.M. report suggesting that the global business elite is expected to inject billions of pounds into the UK economy.

Such an economic boost – if it materialises – could help the UK avoid the recession that has long been predicted for 2023, or at least make that recession shorter and less severe if it does still occur.

Sure enough, according to a household-name consultancy firm’s survey of business leaders from around the globe, the proportion of chief executives active across 105 countries who have identified the UK as one of their favoured investment locations has doubled in the space of three years.

This would seem to defy suggestions from some that the UK could be set for a deeper and longer economic slide over the coming year or so than even many other rich nations.

Not only that, but according to the aforementioned survey, almost one in four of the questioned business leaders wants to grow their companies in Britain more than anywhere else. That compares to just 9% who said this in 2020.

Where does all of this place the UK in the global growth priority table?

In a perhaps surprisingly strong position, it turns out – behind only China and the United States and level with Germany.

The research helps provide perspective amid all those worrying recent headlines about the UK economy, underlining the fundamental reality that the country continues to be one of the most alluring parts of the world in which to do business.

This outcome might be considered especially impressive given the wealth of challenges the UK’s economy has faced over the last few years, including fallouts and disruptions arising from Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Among those to welcome the heartening data was Institute of Directors (IoD) chief economist Kitty Ussher, who said to City A.M. that “UK business leaders’ investment plans were stronger in December than they have been at any time in the last six months, and it’s good to see that this is being reinforced by growing confidence in the UK at a global level.”

Backing up recent suggestions that the UK might be succeeding in steering itself away from recession – at least for now – were figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), which pointed to a 0.1% growth in output in November, as opposed to the 0.2% decrease that had been widely predicted.

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