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VAT is a complex part of tax, but it’s an important area for most businesses and organisations. Our team is here to help you and tailor our services to meet your business needs.

What can TS Partners do for you?

We put together your VAT return using the income and expenses you provide, and then generate the accurate return and finalise it with HMRC. We can advise on which scheme is most suitable for you, whether that’s cash accounting, standard or flat rate VAT.

We prepare your quarterly, monthly or annual VAT returns, send to you for approval and then keep you updated on your VAT position. Through this, we can ensure you pay the correct amount of VAT at the right time, helping you to reduce your overall accounting costs.

Getting it wrong can be costly, but our experts here to help you to avoid risks and provide guidance on steps going forward.

Most importantly, our advisers are on stand-by to answer your questions on VAT issues that will arise. Tricky construction issues, EU issues, export and import, second hand margin schemes. Contact us to see what benefits could be yours.

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