Discover Loans, Equity Finance, and Grants Tailored for You

by administrator

Navigating the UK business terrain, it’s clear that the right funding can pivot your growth trajectory. With this in mind, TS Partners has teamed up with Swoop, creating a bridge between your financial aspirations and the perfect solutions.

Since launching in 2018, Swoop has been at the forefront, assisting businesses in securing significant funds and slashing their operational costs.


Business Loans: Whether it’s mainstream banks or alternative lenders, we sift through to find that loan that feels just right for your business.

Equity Financing: Imagine being linked with elite investors and having a slice of government-backed equity deals.

Business Grants: The era of tiresome grant searches is over. Leave it to us. We’re on the hunt for the grants that resonate with your business vision.

Slash Those Business Expenses: Feel you’re shedding extra pounds on business bank accounts, credit cards, or energy bills? Let us step in. We’ve championed savings for our clients, clocking over £7m so far!

If you are looking to raise funds, reduce costs or explore available grants, please register your details via our new funding plaform: